Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Having trouble leasing up your last few apartment units? Or are you looking or some fresh ideas to spice up some of your vacant spaces? Our interior design team has come together to give you some of their best ideas to date that we feel you shouldn’t miss.

Remember that apartment staging should be cheap and easy. You are not trying to sell a home. Renters are looking for a few basics. They want a nice clean place, good location, and affordable rent. So read on.

Make the Closet Bigger than it Appears

Apartments are normally tight on space. Extra square footage is a big bonus. When it comes to closet storage, put a few items stored away, but don’t fill it all the way up. Leave a good chunk of space empty. This will create the vision that there may be more space than there actually is.

Chances are if it’s an empty space there isn’t clutter. If there is be sure and clear it away. The last thing a rent wants to do is tour a place that could be their new home and its cluttered with a bunch of junk

DIY Jobs Can Be Cheap

Repaint the Walls, Ceilings, and even the Cabinets

Paint is cheap. You can get a crew to come in and repaint the walls and the ceilings. Truthfully, this isn’t that much work. If you purchased a couple rollers and a few cans of paint, it could be an easy DYI job. Not only does this make the place look new, it will make the customers who tour your place, feel good.

Some experts get into super detail regarding what colors work best. But we believe that a fresh coat of paint does work wonders. Our advice, stay neutral.

It’s gotta be Super Clean

When you walk into a motel room, you expect it to be spotless. That is the exact same expectation renters have when they enter. Although this may not be the exact home they might be taking possession of, a dirty home is a turn-off. There are many cleaning services that are extremely affordable. You might want to try Molly Maids.

You don’t have to furnish the whole place

Some professionals believe that its a mistake to furnish the entire home with furniture, dishes, etc. As we referenced earlier, nobody is looking to buy the place. They want a place that best fits there needs.

But if you must add something to spice things up, try an oven towel, some dishes for soap in the bathroom along with bath towels. Some believe that the best options is to place a welcome mat just below the front door.

Instead of furniture you might lay a small rug in the bathroom, or if the accommodation has hardwood floors, a rug in the living room can add a night touch.

Add Finishing Touches to the Bathroom

All potential renters will examine the bathrooms. Rather than have them empty, add some personal touches. Scented soaps and some small colorful hand towels can certainly go a long way. Also purchase a shower curtain from a store like Bed Bath and Beyond. This can add the perfect complement.

At a loss for how to stage your place. Check out some of the larger apartment communities like these to get some ideas.